Augmenteum Delivers Thorassist at CHEST 2018

October 8, 2018 - Augmenteum Inc., an augmented reality (AR) innovator, announced that Thorassist, a multi-user AR education and training experience delivered by Augmenteum, will be presented at the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) Annual Meeting 2018 in San Antonio TX, on Tuesday, October 9.  Carla R. Lamb, M.D. of the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington MA, will use Thorassist to demonstrate bronchoscopic anatomy and procedures for management of trachael diseases.  Approximately 90 users will participate in the session.  Videos highlights of the Thorassist demonstration will be available at after the presentation. 

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Augmenteum Live! - Large-scale, Real-time, Shared AR Experiences

Augmenteum’s first Crowd AR experience is Augmenteum Live!, a shared AR experience that immerses crowds from tens to thousands of spectators in a real-time 3D animated experience.  Created for live entertainment and experiential marketing, Augmenteum Live! creates exceptional engagement by surrounding users in a shared experience incorporated into a live show. 

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Augmenteum Introduces Crowd AR - Engaging & Valuable Shared Multi-user AR

At Augmenteum, we are creating shared multi-user AR experiences that capture intense user interest.  These experiences drive long dwell times, frequent revisits and prolific sharing – characteristics that deliver exceptional value, particularly in entertainment, sales, marketing and education applications.  Today we’re announcing CrowdAR, in which many users simultaneously share and interact with animated 3D digital content to create immersive AR experiences.  To enable Crowd AR, we are building the Augmenteum Cloud platform.

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