What We Do

AUGMENTEUM is an augmented reality innovator, building an interactive cloud-based platform that enables the creation and distribution of shared multi-user mixed reality experiences to everyone, everywhere.

What It Means


Deploys at home and in-venue, through both data and video streaming.

Easy To Use

Fully integrated technology stack. Augmented reality expertise not required.


Interactive experiences scale with number of participants and room dimensions.

Multi-Devices, Multiple Platforms

Build for iOS and Android, either on mobile devices or headsets

Products & Services

Fully Integrated Mixed Reality Technologies

Cloud Services

  • Application Hosting
  • Content Distribution
  • Cloud AI

Mapping Platform

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Auto-Mapping
  • 3D Markerless

Tracking Markers

  • Glyph Panels
  • Glyph Banners
  • Radio & IR Beacons

Development Kits

  • Unity Extension
  • Hololens Extension
  • iOS & Android Native

Augmenteum Studios

Need a little assistance to get your augmented reality application off the ground?
Augmenteum Studios offers a broad range of capabilities and offerings and is a terrific resouce to help you realize your AR app dream TODAY!

Capabilities Include:

  • ARKit / ARCore
  • Custom SLAM
  • Room Mapping
  • Multi-User
  • Cloud Based AR
  • 3D Holograms
  • Persistent Experiences
  • Geo Caching
  • Music & Rhythm AR Games
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Low Light Apps
  • Cloud AI

See For Yourself

Email to schedule a demo today!