Enterprise-class Collaboration

Team & Train

Virtual training and conference room experiences

  • Immerse team members in rich 3D content to convey full detail of complex devices and human anatomy
  • Interact naturally with virtualized equipment using holograms and augmented reality to speed comprehension
  • Collaborate in real time around 3D content visualized from your own perspective
  • Share content locally or remotely using mobile devices
  • Annotate holographic content through audio, text and illustration

Maintain & Upskill

Stand-alone experiences with vivid 3D content to guide and reinforce

  • Guide set-up and repair activities with a 3D-based “manual”
  • Experience frequently updated training material on-demand
  • Capture equipment maintenance procedures via augmented reality for later viewing
  • Identify specific equipment using augmented reality, enabling repair and service tracking
  • Design curricula around holograms and related multimedia content


Visual guidance and instructional assistance at a distance
  • Bridge distances between mentors and trainees easily with 3D-based collaboration
  • Guide procedures in real time via annotation of live or stored images
  • Ensure and document compliance in the Augmenteum cloud
  • Reduce cognitive load, decrease rework and ensure accurate execution
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