Augmenteum Live! – Large-scale, Real-time, Shared AR Experiences

Augmenteum’s first Crowd AR experience is Augmenteum Live!, a shared AR experience that immerses crowds from tens to thousands of spectators in a real-time 3D animated experience.  Created for live entertainment and experiential marketing, Augmenteum Live! creates exceptional engagement by surrounding users in a shared experience incorporated into a live show.


Paired with take-home experiences, event producers can now drive high usage, frequent sharing, and longer dwell times for their AR experiences.  Augmenteum also offers detailed usage analytics that make a better ROI demonstrable.

Augmenteum Live! pairs 3D animated content created in popular content creation engines, such as Unity, with the innovative features of the Augmenteum Cloud Platform.  This pairing creates multi-user experiences in which users share the same AR experience, not simply use the same experience at the same time.  The Augmenteum’s Cloud enables several key features, which incorporate concepts of the widely discussed AR Cloud:

  • Identically placed content: In a shared experience all users see the same content in the same place.  Audience members, for example, all see the holographic content that has been placed above the stage in exactly the same position.
  • Spatially correct content: All users see the content from their vantage point, properly oriented to views in front and behind, above and below, as well as to the side.  For example, a 3D holographic dog, will appear to everyone to be standing in the middle of the room.
  • Synchronized animated content: All users see content animation in synch. To continue the example, the 3D holographic dog is animated to run around the room, its movements appear identical to everyone – in direction, speed and cadence.

These Augmenteum Live! qualities transform AR experiences, which have typically been single user experiences taking place on a flat plane.  Content appears to come alive.  For a large audience, these shared, real-time experiences create both user engagement with the content and shared social experiences that approaches full immersion experiences.  Compared to other immersive technologies, such as VR, the audience throughput is many times higher at a fraction of the cost.

Augmenteum also offers Venue Services, which enable experiences to be scaled and deployed in locations that aren’t conducive to current AR location technology.    Venue Services solves challenges of lighting, particularly low light, and poor wireless connectivity that create challenges for reliable AR experience delivery.  They enable entertainment and marketing applications in indoor and low-light venues such as ballrooms, theaters and malls where entertainment and marketing events often take place.

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