What We Enable

Team and train

Distributed Field Personnel Training

Training force multiplier

  • Train in depth to remote locations. Keep field staff in the field
  • Multiply impact of small training staff using widely accessible 3D curriculum
  • Minimize cost using virtualized holograms of expensive capital equipment
  • Maintain staff skill level with self-directed 3D-based training
Virtual Consultation and Conferences

Real time collaboration in 3D

  • Make better, faster decisions in consultation with other professionals
  • Brief patients more naturally with a tablet and 3D imagery
  • Design complex equipment collaboratively and remotely
Visual Classrooms

3D Webinars

  • Leverage highest impact visualization to train remote groups
  • Challenge trainees with active learning around 3D models
  • Mix self-directed and teacher-student modalities seamlessly
  • Monetize your content with external trainee audiences

Maintain and upskill

Equipment Set-up and Maintenance

  • Equip technicians with mobile device-based animated 3D “manuals”
  • Guide procedures in 3D, don’t just describe in 2D
  • Prevent costly rework
  • Identify equipment automatically and uniquely using augmented reality
  • Enable customer self-care

Self-directed Training

  • Maintain skills as if repeating hands-on training
  • Perform trial runs before operating actual equipment
  • Recertify personnel for required technical expertise while in the field

Customer Demonstration

  • Market products vividly and dynamically in 3D
  • Bring static products alive for customers
  • Arm sales staff and customers with immersive new product experience
  • Provide an active virtual “script” for sales staff to share with customers.


Execute with virtual mentor

Holographic on-site guidance

  • Easily oversee highly sensitive tasks onsite as if co-located
  • Collaborate with experts via 3D in real time
  • Guide with superimposed text and images
  • Avoid the delay of texting static images or video
  • Create an audit trail for later review

Mentored skills maintenance

Guided Practice

  • Simulate task execution with mentor
  • Certify expertise in the field before hands-on
  • Perform trial runs before operating actual equipment
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